Where Da Hell You Been?!?!

Yeah I know it has been a week but hell I was busy with family and travelling.

So I actually decided to go to the nonsense wedding I blogged about last month. Flying to the middle of west Texas is always an excruciating experience. And when I tell you it was a complete and utter ghetto mess. OOOOOO I wish I had taken a picture or two of this. And most of you may think 'this bourgeois asshole would call anything ghetto' but when the usher is walking down the aisle with one of those Bic Lighter guns with a ribbon tied around it... what else can it be.

So of course my first question to my mother when she told me my 26yo cousin with no career, no degree, and removable gold fronts was marrying a 36yo woman was Is she pregnant or desperate? Well seeing her waddle down the aisle answered both questions to the affirmative. I just looked at my cousin from Florida and mouthed... told you so. So after the wedding I tell my mother... I told you she was pregnant, I get a response well we didn't know she was always shaped funny. At that moment I was officially done and ready to fly back to Dallas.

Now don't get me wrong the highlight of the trip was definitely seeing my mother, grandparents, great aunts and cousins... but the Erykah Badu concert featuring the Roots was everything. I had just seen Erykah six months ago at the Verizon party at Love Nightclub here in DC. But when I tell you Badu carried on and on. It is rare when a true R&B singer gives you a show at a concert and that is definitely what she does. She is so entertaining to watch and wonder what her crazy ass is going to do next.

The next 3 days were filled with scheduled meetings which all could have been condensed into a day and half but I won't complain since I was staying at the amazing Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Collinas. The amazing weather (less the never ending rain storm on Tuesday) allowed me to sit poolside up until 9pm each night. Damn.... I am loving this new job.
Standing on my patio every morning looking at this course had me wishing I knew something about golf.
Good times but definitely good to be back in DC... see Texas in another 3 years.


cre8ivtyp said...

Just came across your blog looking for feedback on Erykah Badu live performances. I haven't seen Erykah live since her first album and have been a big fan every since. I just bought tickets to see her. Although she is going to be at Constitution Hall, I got the tics for the Pier Six Concert Pavilion performance in Bmore. Believe it or not, it is one of the nicest places to see a live performance. Hope she delivers like she did in Texas. Also, totally agree with you about Jill. Perfection. I have never been disappointed in any of her performances. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

fyi erykah badu went on sale today in dc

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Welcome back, glad you enjoyed the concert and time in Texas, and concerning the wedding.....wow.

fuzzy said...

i DO HATE THOSE DRAWN OUT MEETINGS... tHEY REALLY COULD CUT OUT SOME OF THE JIBBER JABBER AND GET ON WITH THE THING (Sorry bout the caps... Too tired to go back and fix...) How could someone be that oddly shaped that nobody could tell she was pregnant?