Jill, Erykah, Momma, and Me

This is going to be a great week...

It started today with a great day of work visiting clients with reps from two of our European properties. I love networking with other sales managers from all over our company... at the end of 2009 I will be calling upon some of these contacts to help me secure the next position.
Sunday, Mister Selfish aka X surprised me with tickets to see the Jill Scott concert at DAR Constitution Hall this Wednesday. In case you didn't know I am a huge Jilly from Philly fan. This will be the 8th time I have seen her live and I think it was a very thoughtful gift. I never mentioned I wanted to go but three weeks ago when we were out having dinner he asked me what was my favorite song as of late and on that conversation he took it up on himself to give me a early birthday gift.

I like a man that pays attention.

I've been talking to this man... He's been saying what I like and
He makes me smile, When I'm down, so down
He says sweet things in my ear... All the things that I needed to hear
But that's as far as it's gone... I promise, I promise
- J. Scott, Whenever You're Around, "The Real Thing: Words And
Sounds Vol. 3" (2007)

But the week gets even better. I already blogged about the nonsense wedding that my fam is having this weekend in Texas. I decided to go but not so much for the wedding but to see my mother and grandparents and nephew. I haven't seen them in forever and my grandparents aren't getting any younger. And anytime I can see my mother I am all over it. The fact that I also have to go to Dallas for a business meeting starting on Sunday doesn't hurt... especially since they are picking up the tab for the flight already.

But the highlight of the trip other than seeing my moms is none other than getting the opportunity to see Erica Abi Wright aka Erykah Badu. Another friend that knew I was coming to town and that my birthday was coming up soon secured "great seats" (as he says) for her concert this Saturday. I just saw Erica in concert in September but with the release of her new album just two weeks ago I am even more excited to see her perform some of those new songs live.

I am a huge fan of Common, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott and the only thing that would make this week even better is if someone surprises me with tickets to see Common... feel free to take that hint!!!


Anonymous said...

ok so im jealous

life said...

sigh..I didn't see Jill when she came by. Waited on some freakin' friends and missed it all together. I wish Erykah would show her vocal abilities more on her studio records. She is crazy live. Your friends are great. I can't get a big blow out of mine...j/k.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I saw Common in concert in Denver. It's definitely worth the money. He is very passionate about his craft and he gives his all.

I am very jealous right now. LOL!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - good things happening to you all around. I know it feels good!

Anonymous said...

Erykah keeps it crunk on stage. It's always an experience.

fuzzy said...

concert tickets and family! Sounds good to me!