Where Do Broken Stars Go??

They are selling thousands of records, selling out arenas, and performing on the Grammys, Oscars or some globally televised awards show. And then it happens… one gets greedy or thinks that their voice is more talented than what it actually is and in a matter of weeks they become yesterday’s news. Then what happens… where do broke stars go?

Well like Whitney asks, they often find their way home. I have seen it over and over again but most recently in the Sister2Sister article about LeLee of SWV. In the article she states that she was "destitute" after the group broke up in 1998 and how she would "go to gay clubs and meet girls just to have someplace to sleep." Does that mean LeLee is gay or just gay for pay. Well her response to all of us who are curious for some odd reason (I mean really who the hell is she and who cares) on her MySpace page states “PS. The media is really concerned about who I'm f@&#in. Is she gay or what? To satisfy everyone's curiosity who is interested please go to www.kissmyass.com." Oh well guess we will just have to use our imaginations.

Black Gay club promoters are always bringing second rate, use to be stars to perform to the same clubs they would have and never did visit when they stars were rising. DC based promoter Darryl Wilson of 202DC.com has brought countless of these once celebrities to his nightly parties including Tweet, Lil Mo, Remy Ma, Mr. Cheeks, and even SWV themselves. Just this past February, Chante Moore and her husband Kenny Lattimore were performing at the Red Chair here in Atlanta.

Will JHud make an appearance at an XtremeEntertainment event now that she has an Oscar, like she did right here in Midtown Atlanta not long after her untimely dismissal from Idol?

And we all know if these stars don’t make it in the secular world, the other logical place for them to run to is the church. There are some celebs that have always lived their lives on the straight and narrow, like AC Green, while others decided to turn to God after escaping destructive lifestyles or realizing that may be their only source of income. Years after Coko’s solo release “Hot Coko’ flopped, she joined Fred Hammond's "Free To Worship" tour along with Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore. Performing at churches all over the country including Elizabeth Baptist right here in Atlanta last week. Kelly Price, MC Hammer and Peebles are only a few others that have ran to the pulpit after their musical careers went down the toilet. Now even Angie Stone is joining the Sisters In The Spirit 2007 Tour... quoted as a a concert with "the hottest in gospel artists with a twist of R&B."

So we see that it isn't uncommon for former celebrities to recapture their glory with admissions of tawdry transgressions and hidden truths or by running to the nearest pulpit and screaming, "Oh How I Love Jesus"!! But I ask where was sall this love and candidness when you were on top of the BillBoard charts? And what does this say about our community and world?

To me this could be either two things... one the artist is just recognizing this may be their only source of income... or just like the reasons behind the whole DL nonsense, the lack of tolerance and acceptance in our community is making these artist hide who they are so they have a chance to make it in the entertainment industry?

Do you think Tevin Campbell would have sold so many records back in the day if everyone knew he was gay?


Cocoa Rican said...

I agree that it’s difficult to know the reasons behind why stars suddenly have an incredible epiphany once their careers peak and fizzle, but I don’t want to generalize, since many of the artists you mention were young and may have grown into these new realizations. That said, it sometimes seems contrived for artists who never had an affiliation with a church to somehow now want to shout about the glory of King Jesus from a nationwide, admission-charging concert pulpit. Now, that cock-and-bull (minus the cock, of course) story LeLe was trying to run about visiting gay female clubs for a place to stay is like saying that, “I killed four peacocks because I need a feather for my hat.” Come on…
I’d like to think that most of us have enough sense to detect when we’re having our chain pulled…and it’s high-time we say, “Support us when your career is on-and-poppin’ or gag when the only lyrics you find yourself repeating are, “Can I take your order, please?”

colinnyc said...

If any of these stars could have the ability to still make millions singing their secular music I am sure most of them would still be doing that.

They are religious now and singing at gay prides because that is their only options.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo slow. LOL. I read the Lelee quote in S2S and it didn't click to me that she was going to LESBIAN clubs and going home with women. I thought she would meet fag hags at gay clubs and go home with them. I really need to get it together. LOL. But seriously, she's wack for being mad that the media is looking into a can of worms that she opened. Decide what you want to say and THEN talk!

There are many reasons why artists take the church route - and all of the reasons aren't bad. I just hope most of them are sincere.

life said...

It seems like you are talking about two different things. Red, you aren't giving these people a break. Some of them really want to sing praises to the Lord, but other people it was real convienient. In regards to the gay celebs...it's not going to happen ANY TIME SOON. It's still too taboo and they aren't going to risk their money to prove a point to America. Tevin Campbell proves that point

Clay said...

the lele thing is kinda sad...fame can be very heavy!