Weekend Wrapup

So this weekend was a usual weekend for me... random things going on and not enough sleep and rest. As I sit here at my desk this Monday afternoon the only thing I can think of is... a 2 hour nap under my ceiling fan on low with the black curtains pulled tightly shut to hide the sun.

Friday was a postponed birthday night out on the town. Since I spent my actual birthday with my mother, me and my good friend ventured out to Towers night club for several rounds of drinks and a little people watching. The club was very blah but when you are in the company of good friends and Grey Goose all goes well.

Saturday was spent on the Charlie Yates Golf Course with the Ryan Cameron Foundation (for the nonATL people Ryan is a local radio host on V103) at their annual Youth Golf Clinic. A colleague got me involved with the RCF a few months ago and this was my first community service event with them. It was good to see the celebrity and local business people taking the time to go out on the course with kids and truly enjoy it. But to see Ryan and his wife Kysha really enjoy this work, made my volunteering worthwhile.
By the end of the day my allergies and the sun had gotten the best of me and the highlight of my Saturday evening was an 1130 trip to WalMart (have I ever discussed how much I hate WalMart) with my friend and neighbor, Roddy.

By Sunday morning I was still feeling the affects of my grass allergies and the sun and was not up to getting up for church so I laid in bed until the afternoon when me and Roddy went out to the park for volleyball and people watching. We only ventured a few steps into the park until we decided that this was a little too much for us today. The gender confusion among young black gays is quite sad. The young boys are walking around in girl clothes and arched eyebrows, as the young lesbians look more and more like boys and hiphop stars. I remember walking around this same park 8 years ago and it was nothing like it is now... makes me wonder where we will be in another 8 years.
Sunday evening we ventured out to Attraxxtions, a relatively new night spot for Sundays. While the crowd was blah... the music was awful... but the drinks were free all night so we stayed for awhile... before beating our feet home in time to watch Desperate Housewives on DVR before bed.... damn I love that Eva Longoria.

Hopefully this weekend I can finally make it to Six Flags and get plenty of sleep!!


celeste said...

can i go to 6 flaggs?????

twinston1911 said...

hey i was wondering how that new club Attractions would be like, im glad you gave a review cuz i'll be at dejangos on sundays, man the music is off the chain, new school and old school r&b hip/hop and house. plus food and two free drinks every sundays, thats how its suppose to be :)

Cocoa Rican said...

Party animal! Sounded like fun... and yeah, those allergies are kickin' ass up here in NY as well!