As I sit here at 11:22pm having a drink debating on whether or not to venture out to a club... I received a message on yahoo commenting on my blog... well as you can see I have been very uninspired to write lately.

But this drink got me feeling woo woo, so I thought I'd just post some random thoughts:

  • I have been in Atlanta for a month and why have 2 people I rarely speak to already try to put in reservations for Labor Day weekend...
  • Why is my mother loving the fact that I am 2 hours away and now constantly asking when is the next time you are coming over.
  • I am so loving my pool... one of the things I missed being in DC was the ready accessibility of a pool.
  • After watching Oprah's Legend Ball on Monday... I wanna be Oprah when I grow up. Damn she is the epitome of fabulous. And while I usually think New Money is worse than No Money... she rejects my theory all the time.
  • What I would have done just to be a waiter at the Legend's Ball... just to be in the presence of all those amazing black women.
  • Do people really feel gold teeth and the like are cute???
  • I wonder how New Orleans will fare with Nagin reelected to another 4 years.
  • Who won American Idol? Better yet who cares??
  • It was interesting and refreshing to see Letoya Luckitt carrying Beyonce's clothing line in her Houston based ladies clothing store, Lady Elles.
  • Sad to hear that the King of Ska music, Desmond Dekkar passed.
  • Oh yeah did I mention damn Oprah is fabulous.

Oh yeah no club tonite.... goodnite!!


Anonymous said...

yeah oprah is fabulous... welcome back

Celeste said...

not just gold teeth but platinum and diamonds that shit is sooo country

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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